start over

start over
start over (N American)
To begin again from the beginning, start all over again
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Main Entry:start

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make a new beginning

could you face going back to school and starting over?

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start over [phrasal verb]
chiefly US
1 start over or start (something) over : to begin doing something again

I'm sorry, but you'll have to start over. = I'm sorry, but you'll have to start (all) over again.

She saw her divorce as an opportunity to start (her life) over.

2 : to begin to happen again

In the spring, the eggs hatch, and the cycle starts over. = The cycle starts (all) over again.

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Main Entry:start

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ˌstart ˈover derived
(especially NAmE) to begin again

She wasn't happy with our work and made us start over.

Main entry:startderived

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